Be careful with your debit cards while on vacation

Vacationers concerned with too much money often take along a debit card, so they can access the money in their current accounts as they need. This can be a good thing or a poor must be the lost or stolen card.

To fall under the provision of maximum liability of $ 50 into your debit card contract, false charges must be reported within two business days, so it is essential to your financial well-being to keep an eye on this card and report its loss immediately. Your liability is limited to $ 500 if you notify the bank within 60 days of a bank statement showing false accusations, but that does not help you much if you are in a foreign country and suddenly have a bank account with a zero balance . An active thief can clean you in a few hours!

Make sure you wear the information required to immediately notify your bank for any losses. Keep the information in your hotel safe, and also leave a copy with someone at home that you can reach in a hurry. This is a time when “overkill” could be beneficial.

Be careful with your debit card before you leave home, as well. Unless your bank balance is very large, do not use the debit card to reserve a hotel room or a rental car that you intend to pay for later with a credit card. The funds for these expenses will be immediately “frozen”, which could leave you without money to pay the house payment before leaving the house.

When planning your trip, visit the websites of your card issuer to locate ATMs in the city or cities you are visiting. Unfortunately, some ATMs in busy tourist places are false. So, before you insert your card, make sure that the machine you are using is legitimate. In general, ATM “in airports or hotels are” for real. “

Before you leave, call your bank and let them know that you will be on vacation. Tell them where you are going and how long you will be gone. Otherwise, they could see unusual charges and assuming that your card was stolen. If this happens, they will freeze the account until they can contact you.

Once there, use your in the security room or hotel safe to keep your extra cash, checks your passengers, your debit cards, and credit cards safely. While you’re there, put your passport, travel tickets, and itinerary in the trunk too.

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