Credit Bureau Introduction – Equifax

Equifax, founded in 1899, considered as the oldest and one of the 3 largest credit reporting bureaus in the United States, empowers all kinds of consumers and companies with information they can definitely trust.

As a worldwide service provider in credit reporting as well as information solutions, Equifax has one of the biggest sources of consumers and commercial database, with the help of sophisticated data analysis and cutting edge technology, they’re able to deliver tailored insights which will greatly improve the performance of companies and also the life quality of individual customers.

Equifax has been trusted by clients for more than a century to provide creative and effective solutions with the highest reliability. Businesses, either small or large, can rely on them for services such as credit information, fraud alerts, marketing tools, IT portfolio management, data-driven decisioning solutions and much much more.

As for individual consumers, Equifax allows us manage our credit history, prevent identity theft, optimize our financial health.

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