Credit Bureau Introduction – TransUnion

TransUnion is a global leader in Analytics, decision-making consulting and information management services for more than 500 million consumers and 45K companies around the world in 33 countries. Like the other two major competitors Experian and Equifax we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, it’s also considered as the third largest credit bureau in the United States.

Some of core solutions including Credit Reporting, Marketing and Audience Segmentation, Fraud Prevention and ID Management, Portfolio Management, Customer Acquisition, Healthcare Revenue Management etc.

The company use advanced technology and analytical expertise to process all available data so that they can get a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by businesses. With these information, they will be able to create advantages for global customers and to better control risks. TransUnion helps business make better decisions, improve efficiency and seize opportunities.

TransUnion‘s identity management solutions have considerable flexibility and scalability to meet all kinds of different needs of clients. Therefore, consumers can better understand and monitor their credit scores so that they can make healthy financial plans.

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